Members Stand Strong With M-SCEA!

Our members gathered at the M-SCEA building the evening of October 7 to discuss the facts about M-SCEA membership, affiliate status and UniServ coverage for our members.  If you have questions about misinformation that you may have received from TEA or colleagues, don`t hesitate to contact your M-SCEA Leaders!  You voted us in to lead you, and that`s what we are doing.  Despite what our members may have heard, M-SCEA is still strong and located at 126 Flicker.  We are a phone call away - 901-454-0966.

DO NOT be persuaded to sign membership applications with other organizations.

DO NOT sign up to have your dues payments taken via bank draft.

YOUR M-SCEA BENEFITS:    Reduction in Dues     Strong UniServ Unit   Same Liability Coverage                                                                                Legislative & Legal Victories

Our members continue to STAND STRONG with M-SCEA: the professional association for educators in Shelby County Schools!

High School Director Election Delayed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the election for High School Director on the M-SCEA Board of Directors has been delayed until the week after Fall Break.  Balloting will take place October 19 - October 23.  Ballots should arrive in High Schools on Monday, October 19.  If your ballots have not arrived by Tuesday afternoon, contact Catricia Boyland, 454-0966 x50 / To be counted, ballots must be received no later than 4:00pm, Friday, October 23.  

Next M-SCEA RA: Oct. 20 @ 3:45pm.  Enjoy fall break!

M-SCEA/SCS 3-Year Agreement (2015-2018) Negotiated For Our Members

M-SCEA negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the SCS Board!  Click here for a copy. Our members are covered by this contract.  M-SCEA has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to represent educators in Shelby County Schools. Be sure to maintain your membership with M-SCEA in order to be covered by this agreement with the district.  Without membership in M-SCEA, you will not be protected under the Agreement.