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M-SCEA - Standing Strong!

Our members continue to stand strong with M-SCEA, the only Professional Association recognized by the SCS Board of Education. M-SCEA has a negotiated agreement (MOU) with the BOE that covers our members into the 2018 school year.  Only members are covered by this contract.  Our members know first-hand that together we are a strong force for educators in the district.  Benefits of membership include Current Reduction in Dues, Liability Coverage, Legislative and Legal Victories, and strong experienced UniServ Directors or UDs. Jesse Jeff and Reginald Fentress are two UDs who are well-trained, experienced, educator advocates.   They are just a phone call or email away. Click for a list of schools and assigned UDs. Make sure YOU are a member of M-SCEA. Complete a Membership Application and fax to 901-454-9979 or hand-deliver to M-SCEA, 126 Flicker Street - one block behind School Board.

Next Representative Assembly:  Tuesday, February 9 @ 3:45 p.m.

The Vote:  Disaffiliate from TEA and NEA

From November 16-20, in accordance with the M-SCEA Constitution & Bylaws, the Association Representatives voted by 81% for disaffiliation from TEA and NEA.  The M-SCEA Board of Directors are working to establish a new national affiliation, as well as ensuring that member legal and professional liability coverage continues.  The M-SCEA MOU (Agreement) with SCS remains in place.  What led to this action? Here are the FACTS!

The Facts of the Matter    Timeline of Events    TEA Proposal    Counter Proposal from M-SCEA    NEA Memo    TEA Email to Our M-SCEA ARs    Letter to TEA from M-SCEA Attorney    Independent Auditors Report of M-SCEA

For more information, please contact Patricia Scarborough or Keith Williams, 454-0966 ext. 30.