M-SCEA Members Will Vote to Fill Vacancy on Board of Directors - High School Position.

Ballots for High School Director will be in high schools next week.  Balloting will take place October 5-9.  Members who work in high schools should see their Association Representative to obtain a ballot or contact Catricia Boyland, M-SCEA Administrative Assistant, 454-0966 x50 / CatriciaBoyland@isdn.net.

Information On Quick Scores!

Over 200 educators attended the June 1 meeting at M-SCEA on Quick Scores presented by the TN Dept. of Education.  On Septemer 24, M-SCEA hosted a second meeting on this hot topic and TDOE provided updates. Click here for the TDOE PowerPoint. 

Board Approved 3-year MOU with M-SCEA!

M-SCEA negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the SCS Board!  Click here for a copy.  Our members are covered by this contract.  M-SCEA has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to represent educators in Shelby County Schools. Be sure to maintain your membership with M-SCEA in order to be covered by this agreement with the district.  Without membership in M-SCEA, you will not be protected under the Agreement.