Standing Strong With M-SCEA!

Our members continue to STAND STRONG with M-SCEA, the ONLY Professional Association recognized by the SCS Board of Education. M-SCEA has a negotiated agreement (MOU) with the BOE that covers our members into the 2018 school year.  ONLY MEMBERS are covered by this contract. Our members know first-hand that TOGETHER we are a strong force for educators in the district. Benefits of membership include: Current Reduction in Dues - Liability Coverage - Legislative & Legal Victories - Strong Experienced UniServ Directors (UDs).  

SUSANNE JACKSON and REGINALD FENTRESS are our two UDs who are well-trained, experienced, educator advocates. They are just a phone call or email away.  Click HERE for a list of schools (with assigned UDs)

Make sure YOU are a member of M-SCEA!  Complete a Membership Application and fax to 901-454-9979, Attn: Membership or hand-deliver to M-SCEA, 126 Flicker Street (one block behind School Board).  CLICK HERE:  M-SCEA MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.    

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The Vote On Affiliation with TEA and NEA - Nov. 16-20

The M-SCEA Board of Directors voted on October 14, 2015, to conduct a vote of the Accredited Association Representatives on the following question:

Shall Memphis-Shelby County Education Association disaffiliate from TEA and NEA?


This week, Accredited Association Representatives are voting on this question.  


What led to this decision by the M-SCEA Board of Directors? Here are the FACTS!

The Facts of the Matter

Timeline of Events

TEA Proposal

Counter Proposal from M-SCEA

NEA Memo

TEA Email to Our M-SCEA ARs

Letter to TEA from M-SCEA Attorney

Independent Auditors Report of M-SCEA


For more information, please contact Patricia Scarborough or Keith Williams, 454-0966 ext. 30.

M-SCEA Coordinates Dialogue With Dr. Ramirez

The Memphis-Shelby County Education Association arranged and hosted a meeting November 17 between our district`s teachers and Dr. Heidi Ramirez, Chief Academic Officer for Shelby County Schools.  Dr. Ramirez and her staff discussed CLIP and some of Dr. Ramirez`s expectations for implementation. The meeting provided teachers with a forum to ask questions about the implementation of CLIP and to raise their concerns about some other issues around the teacher evalutaion process.  Dr. Ramirez also requested that M-SCEA schedule another meeting to discuss the Teacher Evaluation Process. SCS PowerPoint: Fall 2015 CLIP Update

Teacher Questions & Some of the Comments from Dr. Ramirez