TEA Encourages You to Take A CIVICATION!

TEA members are invited to take a CIVICATION during Spring Break!  Come to the Capitol! Talk to your legislators! Stand up for education! Click here for more information and details on how to register. 

M-SCEA Constitution & Bylaws To Be Voted On March 10!

The M-SCEA Constitution & Bylaws will be voted on at the March 10 Representative Assembly. Click here to view a copy.

M-SCEA Hosted TEA Road Trip February 10!

TEA`s Road Trip stopped in Memphis on Tuesday, February 10. Participants were updated on TEA`s 2015 Legislative Agenda and heard about The Schools Tennessee Deserves!  Click here for more details.

SCS Teachers Protest New Compensation Plan - Speak Out at Board Meeting.

Teachers packed the Board of Education meeting on Jan. 27 to protest the new compensation plan.  Click here for photos.

The SCS administration is planning to implement a new compensation plan for all teachers and have produced FAQs, videos and messages to help convince us their plan is a good one. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BELIEVE! Make sure you get ALL the information regarding the plan and that you ask the right questions. From the Board that decided advanced degrees aren`t worth much and the Board that hasn`t provided a salary increase in years, be very careful what you read and believe! Click here for a copy of M-SCEA`s response to the Board`s plan and their FAQs.